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Cir0Craft's application

IGN (In Game Name): Cir0Craft

Age: 12

Timezone: EST

Country: Ohio

Do you own a quality microphone?: Yes

Do you have Discord, Telegram & Teamspeak?: Discord,TeamSpeak 

Iv'e been a Trial-Mod on Matrix And I worked with laods of stuff. Iv'e helped out the server by Catching hackers. And help out the owner.
And i delt with supports on the server. And i helped the players out by makeing the server more enjoyable.  -Resigned Lack of players.

Iv'e Been a Trial-Mod On SkyNuggets a Small server That gets around 10-20 players. And I helped the players on their to. I helped to catch hackers. and Helped
other players out. And helped the owner Build Maps.    -Resigned Server got hacked and reseted. And it just shut down.
I was an Mod On DarkJailOp And i got promoted to Admin. and I managed the plugins/server. And helped ban Hackers. And fixed the servers many of times.
I helped make Mines. It was a prisons server. I managed I managed all the staff then after awhile i got promoted to Owner And then i managed console. And Skripts.
-Demoted Because of another owner though i was hacking.

Why do you want to become Staff?: I want to become staff Because I think i can do more for the server. And help out the community. And I like the server alot.  And Theirs not many staff online Alot. And I enjoy playing Frozen.  And I like helping. Because I think i can make a bigger impact on the server as Staff.

Why should we accept you as a Staff?: I am Always Active. And I can catch hackers hack easily. And I Desent Grammar. and i can type fast. And i can multi task. And Help Out the other staff When Needed. And I can Be online When ever Needed.

Can any staff member vouch for you?: No

Additional Information: I know iv'e Done bad stuff in the Past. And I Though to myself i would Atleast try again.  And Im Very Sorry what happened in the past. Im more Muture.